360pi unveils data visualization ThreatMap

Understanding threats and taking advantage of opportunities is the name of the game in retail, and pricing intelligence provider 360pi has launched a new suite of tools that does exactly that.

360pi has launched 360insights, a suite of integrated visualizations and dashboard reports that gives retailers visibility into how they can immediately increase revenues and margins through adjustments to their pricing and product mixes.

360pi actively monitors millions of products from hundreds of retailer websites and delivers price intelligence for exact and similar matched products with unprecedented accuracy, according to the company. A set of 360insights visualizations debuted as part of 360pi's Amazon Holiday Insights program which profiled pricing for 28 leading retailers across eight categories during the holiday season.

"Many retailers have struggled to find the key pricing opportunities and threats that are hidden in ever-increasing volumes of data, compromising their ability to take effective action," said Alexander Rink, CEO of 360pi. "360insights is a real game changer for retailers that have, until now, been unable to 'see the forest for the trees', highlighting pricing trends across categories and competitors and delivering specific insights down to the product level that retailers can act on daily."

The initial release of 360insights features five self-service dashboard reports that enable retailers to see top-level trends by competitor and category, with the ability to drill down to specific products or SKUs. Of particular note, 360pi's ThreatMap provides an at-a-glance demonstration of relative price competitiveness by category and retailer.

The company anticipates full commercial availability of the product by the end of the first quarter.

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