3M Touch Systems introduces touch screen smart pen

HANOVER, Germany -- 3M Touch Systems Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of 3M, has announced the availability of its 3M Smart Pen. According to the company this uniquely designed input device can be used with popular capacitive touchscreen devices, including the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The 3M Smart Pen is available in two models. The MHP-1000 comes in black, grey, pink and titanium silver with a clip attached for a traditional pen look-and-feel. The MJP-3000 is available in black, navy blue, pink and titanium silver, with a detachable lid that allows the pen to attach to the speaker jack of a portable device.

“3M Touch Systems’ expertise in touchscreen technology gives us the knowledge and ability to create relevant accessories that further maximize the value of this technology,” said Chris Tsourides, business manager 3M Touch Systems. “The 3M Smart Pen is one of the most accurate and high quality capacitive touch pens on the market and we are excited to see how users will enable new and unique ways to use this technology on their touchscreen devices.”


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