Adidas steps up with ventilated running shoe

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Adidas has announced the launch of its newest running shoe, the ClimaCool Ride. The shoe features 360-degree ventilation, attacking the main cause of runners' discomfort – high humidity and temperature, the company reported. The shoe is available in 26 colors. 

"We saw a need and opportunity with the ClimaCool Ride to create the perfect shoe that performs extremely well and looks good too," said Mikal Peveto, director of running for Adidas America.  "At 8.9 ounces, it's lightweight and flexible with just the right amount of durability and cushioning, making it the ideal running shoe for spring and summer."

Peveto continued, "The shoe was designed with the athlete in mind so they can look and feel cool while they run, and with 26 in-your-face colors, there is something for everyone."

The ClimaCool material that makes up the upper portion of the shoe provides ventilation around key sweat zones resulting in a 20% reduction in in-shoe moisture and a 12 percent drop in foot temperature, two key factors in combating foot disease and discomfort.  

The ClimaCool Ride's flexible midsole and outsole are built for speed and comfort while functional sculpting enhances the shoes breathability as you run.


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