Aerosoles implements Maple Lake’s assortment planning software

Markham, Ontario -- Maple Lake Ltd. said that Aerosoles has selected Maple Lake’s QuickAssortment software to refine and centralize the retailers’ merchandise, store and assortment planning activities. The retailer has already completed Phase I of the implementation process.

“Operating a true multi-channel business with concept stores, outlet stores, e-commerce as well as a catalog and direct sales business requires some significant coordination; relying on spreadsheets is no longer an option for us,” said Tupper Kinder, CIO, Aerosoles, Edison, N.J. “We needed a tool that was flexible enough to cater to our unique ways of working, robust enough to support our volumes and growth plans, but that was still a commercial solution so that we could remain on an upgrade path; QuickAssortment will give us all of this and more.”

The QuickAssortment solution will enable Aerosoles to coordinate all of the merchandise, store and channel plans as well as their assortment and key item plans in a single integrated environment. This will reduce the time that the business currently spends on maintaining their existing spreadsheet infrastructure, and instead enable them to develop more detailed plans and become more responsive to the latest trends.

QuickAssortment operates on a Microsoft SQL server platform and operates within a client-server architecture, with data being managed on the server to optimize performance and scalability. The solution is routinely integrated to a wide variety of merchandise management and business intelligence systems.

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