Ahold USA adds six more LEED stores to its fleet

New York -- Ahold USA, a division of Netherlands-based Royal Ahold, said six newly built stores had received LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. The locations include four stores in the Stop & Shop New England and New York Metro divisions, one in the Giant-Landover division and one in the Giant-Carlisle division.

These stores feature white roofs to reflect sunlight and reduce heat gain in the stores, skylights to harvest daylight and reduce electricity consumption during peak daylight hours, and LED lighting throughout the store. Smaller cooling systems are improving the efficiency of refrigerated display cases and open deck refrigerated cases have been replaced with closed door ones.

To date, Ahold USA has a total of 56 stores that have achieved LEED certification for existing buildings, which is largest fleet of LEED-certified stores among U.S. supermarket retailers.

"By utilizing these innovative green building technologies, we are building all new stores across our retail divisions according to the LEED standards to reduce our environmental impact in the communities we serve for future generations," said Ahold USA VP responsible retailing Jihad Rizkallah.


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