AirTight Networks, Frontera Consulting partner on brand lifecycle management solution

Mountain View, Calif. - Airtight Networks, which provides in-store WiFi analytics such as how long customers stay and shop, how often they come in and marketing campaign effectiveness, is partnering with Frontera Consulting to package social media and retail intelligence capabilities with the Airtight platform. The new solution offers WiFi-based brand lifecycle management.

AirTight delivers brand building and awareness through guest Wi-Fi services and visitor analytics; brand protection through security, WIPS (wireless intrusion prevention) and PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance; and brand engagement through social Wi-Fi, customer promotions and loyalty programs.

“AirTight is not simply about Wi-Fi or being the best WIPS player in the business,” said Anita Pandley, VP of marketing and business development at AirTight. “We are in the ‘brand lifecycle management’ business. And we are bringing this all to our customers for the price of a traditional Wi-Fi system, so even mom-and-pop businesses can take advantage of it. We are also aggressively building our channels and, as Frontera’s example shows, offering ‘brand lifecycle management’ services that lead to new revenues, fast growth and greater customer lifecycle value for our partners.”


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