Akamai enhances web experience technology

Cambridge, Mass. – Akamai is introducing enhancements to its Akamai Intelligent Platform web experience solution including EdgeStart, which uses Akamai’s globally-distributed network along with accelerated rendering in the browser to help deliver portions of web pages to users immediately and decrease load time. New protocol optimizations are intended to help overcome highly congested networks.

In addition, browser support for the WebP and JPEG XR advanced image formats is designed to improve the user experience while maintaining image quality, and intelligent use of local HTML5 cache helps achieve performance improvement in the browser for second hit requests, and requests across similar pages on a web property.

The addition of new tools in the Luna Control Center is intended to offer Akamai customers greater predictability regarding optimizations before they are implemented, as well as visibility into exactly what their customers experience after specific optimization decisions have been made. Historical Real User Measurement (RUM) data can provide customers greater visibility into traffic trends and allow them to draw conclusions about ideal performance optimization strategies. Reporting on Adaptive Image Compression affords greater insight into image compression optimization based on the quality of a user’s connectivity.

“Increasingly, our customers’ users are demanding a near instant web experience,” said Mike Afergan, senior VP and GM, Web Experience Business Unit, Akamai. “What’s more, our customers are looking to improve their control and visibility.  It is our mission to bring to market the web experience solutions that will help our customers realize their goals in today’s fast moving environment.  With these exciting new capabilities, we believe we are doing just that. We are excited to see what our customers and partners will do with these powerful tools.”

The latest feature enhancements are available now across the company’s Ion and Terra Alta solution lines.

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