Albertsons removing self-checkout from stores

Boise, Idaho -- Albertsons LLC said Friday it is eliminating the self-checkout lanes in all 217 stores, beginning this month.

According to the supermarket retailer, the self-checkout option precludes Albertsons from providing the desired level of customer service.

In place of self-checkout, which it introduced in its stores about 10 years ago, Albertsons said it is considering a modified express lane concept.

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- 8:10 PM
Harlowe Thrombey says

The actions and reasons Albertsons is proposing are stupid to the core. My waiting time grocery shopping is nearly zero, with the self-checkout lanes. I ALWAYS have to wait when a human checker is involved. Does anyone really think Albertsons will hire more workers for very long? They, like all grocery stores, prefer to be razor thin on human resources. And now they wanna take away these awesome machines that save time. Now I have to return to the days of waiting for the shaky-handed person in front of me pulling out her checkbook, or the urban woman with the sunglasses and cellphone who is all distracted, or the overly friendly old man who just won't shut up, or the welfare Queen cashing in all her benefits cards, etc. I LOVED the self checkout lanes. The fact that Albertsons thinks they are improving customer service here shows just how stupid Albertsons' Board of Directors and sr. management has become.

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