Aldi tops survey of low-cost grocers

Boulder, Col. -- Discount grocer Aldi ranks as the nation’s low-price grocery leader, according to a recent consumer survey conducted by Market Force Information.

The survey asked consumers to indicate which retailer captured most of their grocery dollars. Ten grocers topped the list, including Aldi, Costco, Giant Foods, H-E-B, Kroger, Meijer, Publix, Safeway, ShopRite and Walmart. The survey then asked consumers to rank those 10 top grocery retailers on a number of attributes such as low pricing, cleanliness, service, food quality, location and the checkout process.

Results showed that consumers view Aldi as the affordable price leader, ranking it ahead of the other nine grocery chains. On an index scale with the average score set at 100, Aldi received a 157, followed by Walmart with a 129. Costco ranked third in the low-price category with an index score of 120, followed by Giant Food and HEB.

Market Force’s study revealed that the choice of a supermarket is primarily driven by location (67%). Second on the list was price (57%), followed by good sales and promotions (52%). The availability of good private-label products was high on the list (38%), revealing a growing opportunity for stores to differentiate. A mere 5% were shown to prefer their primary grocer for its sustainable environment and green policies.

The survey has some good news for grocers: The results showed the vast majority of consumers are satisfied with their grocery experience. When asked to think about their most recent grocery-shopping trip at their primary retailer, consumers were overall pleased, with 90% indicating they were somewhat or very satisfied. Only 10% of consumers said they were dissatisfied, with long wait times driving the most discontent.

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