Aldo, Hong Kong

Footwear and accessories company Aldo puts its best foot forward at its new concept store in IFC Mall, Hong Kong. The format complements the luxurious aesthetic of the center while maintaining the chain’s roots with its fashion-forward and youthful ambience. 

The design, by Pompei A.D., New York City, was based around two distinct elements, including a continuous mirror polished metal ‘ribbon’ that winds throughout the space, unifying the display as one cohesive visual element. The second element, original ‘Constellation’ artwork created by Pompei, produces the sensation that the space is not defined by four walls, but rather is “an ethereal environment in which the Aldo experience comes to life,” said Scott Faucheux, executive director of design at Pompei A.D.

Design: Pompei A.D., New York City

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