Alex and Ani's holiday sales see significant boost with help of mobile checkouts

Boston -- Popular jewelry retailer Alex and Ani implemented a mobile point-of-sale application that all but eliminated customer lines and helped increase sales by 318% over the previous holiday season, Mobiquity announced.

Mobiquity implemented a mobile POS application that allows Alex and Ani to cultivate a stronger relationship with customers, translating into increased sales and loyalty. The application – delivered via Daily Systems’ iAPS sled for iPod touch – offers mobile payment (mPayment) options that markedly improved the checkout process, benefiting both customers and Alex and Ani by shortening long holiday lines.

“Mobile checkouts have given the store environment a more intimate feel, and improved the flow of customer traffic while almost eliminating lines,” said Alex and Ani chief technology officer, Joseph Lezon. “By integrating mobile into our VIOPSYS point-of-sale system, we were able to positively impact the in-store shopping experience during the busy shopping season, which is exactly the kind of positive energy we want customers to associate with the Alex and Ani brand.”  

With the mobile POS application, Alex and Ani increased points of checkout from four to 10 in most of its 28 stores across the U.S., and in one store, from five to 25. The resulting increase in sales opportunities allowed Alex and Ani to hire more staff to personally assist customers for the duration of their visit.


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