Amazon, Target, Whole Foods among most admired companies

Amazon lead the pack in the retail field on Fortune’s “Most Admired Companies” list. The e-commerce juggernaut was third ranked overall (behind Apple and Google) for, among other reasons, its efficient customer service and leadership under CEO Jeff Bezos.

Nordstrom captured the number 16 spot for generating buzz for its first full-line retail store in Manhattan, well before its planned open date in 2018 and for its successful clearance brand, Nordstrom Rack.

Whole Foods came in at 19 for its growing sales and loyal customers that don’t mind paying more for their groceries.

At number 22, Target earns accolades for its clever marketing of low-cost goods that makes you forget it’s a discount chain. 

Costco made the list at the number 23 position. The wholesale club operator for producing record sales and earnings and its loyal following of consumers who appreciate its low prices.

Other retailers on the list include:

  • Walmart (27)

  • Home Depot (45)

  • eBay (47)


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