Amazon to Unveil E-Book Reader

Los Angeles, Inc. plans to unveil its closely guarded electronic book reader in New York on Monday, a source told Reuters. News the retailer planned to launch its mobile reader was first reported on the CNET Web site and was confirmed to Reuters by a source close to the launch.

Although the idea of reading books electronically with a hand-held device has been around for some time, it has not caught on yet with the mainstream in the way listening to digital music, or even videos has. Sony Corp. already sells an e-book device called the Sony Reader, which is just smaller than a paperback book.

In recent years, Amazon has been beefing up its digital platform, offering services such as downloadable videos and music in order to remain relevant in an increasingly digital age.

According to CNET, a Web site that provides reviews and news about technology, the "Kindle" is equipped with a Wi-Fi connection that can access Amazon's e-book store, where users purchase new electronic books. CNET said the final price of the Kindle is expected to be $399.

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