Amerlux Lighting Solutions Introduces “Profilo” 

Fairfield, N.J.–based Amerlux Lighting Solutions introduced Profilo, a new family of compact T5/T5HO fluorescent luminaires. Designed for ambient and display lighting applications in commercial and retail spaces, Profilo uses the latest in compact fluorescent lamps and electronic ballast technology. Adding to Amerlux’s EcoTectural product line, Profilo continues its commitment to facilitate sustainable strategies recognized by organizations such as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and The U.S Green Building Council.

Compact in size, the Profilo is constructed with a one piece extruded aluminum housing and features a drawer latching system that provides clean joints in continuous row-mounting applications. Aircraft cable suspension in 4-ft. or 8-ft. lengths are standard. Dimming ballast is available as an option. Optics include one or two lamp configurations with compact T5 or T5 high-output fluorescent lamps and a formed snap-in semi-specular parabolic louver with 45-in. cut-off to minimize glare for visual comfort. The symmetrical bat-wing distribution provides a wide space-to-mounting height ratio, which helps to maximize row spacing in open designs and provides high vertical footcandles for wall shelving displays.

The Profilo is also available as a track-mounted unit in two versions. One version has a dual adapter mounting and the other has a single-point mount. These designs provide for precise angle adjustments for wall wash applications. Both versions are available in 2-ft. or 4-ft. units, one or two lamp configurations with compact T5 or T5HO fluorescent lamps. Color finishes include white texture, black texture or silver texture.

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