Amerlux opens facility in China

Fairfield, N.J. -- Amerlux Global Lighting Solutions recently celebrated the grand opening of Guangzhou Amerlux Lighting Solutions Co. Ltd., its new facility in China, as well as a Hong Kong sales office. The Guangzhou location was officially launched on Feb. 15 with an elaborate traditional Chinese ceremony.

Set against a backdrop of floral bouquets and banners in traditionally lucky colors, the opening ceremony was visually stunning. One of the highlights was the unforgettable “Blessing of the Lions” which dates back to the Han Dynasty in 205 B.C. To bestow good luck onto the new venture, the “lions” danced to the accompaniment of ancient Chinese percussion instruments and were “fed” lettuce to invite prosperity.

Frank P. Diassi, chairman and founder of Amerlux, said that the opening of Guangzhou Amerlux Lighting Solutions represents the company’s full commitment to international expansion and to enhancing Amerlux’s service to worldwide customers. “As global markets continue to open up, our company is strategically positioned to grow exponentially throughout the Far East and all over the world,” he said.

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