Amy Poehler set to help sales at Old Navy

Saturday Night Live alum and “Parks and Recreation” star Amy Poehler will appear in commercials for Old Navy following last year’s involvement with Best Buy.

Ad Age is reporting that along with starring in the commercials, Poehler will help write and direct them. The first ad, said Ad Age, features Poehler as an executive at a law firm interviewing a job candidate but getting distracted by the woman's outfit from Old Navy.

"We approached Amy with a list of scenarios we'd come up with, and she started playing around with them too. She liked some, didn't like some, came up with some new ones," said Ivan Wicksteed, global CMO at Old Navy, to Ad Age. "Amy is protective of her own brand and thinks very carefully about who she wants to work with. I think that was an important consideration in deciding to work with us. We gave her a lot of creative control. We're not dictating what she has to say in advertisements."




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