Analysis: Moms with young kids more digitally engaged

New York -- Moms with young kids, defined as children under the age of five, are often more active on social media, more likely to shop using mobile devices and more open to engage with brands across digital touchpoints than other segments of moms and consumers at large. A new analysis from Experian Marketing Services shows that moms with young kids are 62% more likely than the general population to use their mobile phones to look for local coupons while shopping.

Moms with young kids are more than twice as likely as the general population to visit social networking sites three or more times per day. They also are the most participatory, being twice as likely as the general population to post or comment on social networking websites. They are the most habitual social networking users among all mom segments, surpassing moms with kids between the ages of six and 10 and moms with teenagers. In fact, the analysis found a negative correlation between kids' ages and the moms' social networking use. As the children grow older, moms are less likely to be socially active online.

In addition, moms with young kids are more than twice as likely as the general population to visit websites on their cell phone, ranking highest among all mom segments for "often" or "very often" browsing websites from their mobile device. At home, moms with young kids are more likely than other segments to access the Internet on a tablet, with the Apple iPad ranking as their tablet of choice. And they rank highest among all moms for the statement, "Advertising helps me to choose products to buy for my children."

"Moms with young kids represent a highly active and digitally sophisticated segment of consumers who are eager to connect with brands and share their experiences through multiple platforms," said Bill Tancer, GM of global research, Experian Marketing Services. "Our research shows that these moms exhibit dramatic differences in both behavior and attitudes from other moms and the general population that marketers need to understand to productively engage with this lucrative segment.”

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