Ann Taylor launches energy-conservation program

New York City Ann Taylor Stores Corp. said Tuesday it is reaffirming the company's commitment to the environment through the launch of a new energy-conservation program in conjunction with Earth Day.

The initiative is coined “ACE,” which stands for “Ann Taylor Conserves Energy." The program's goals are to reduce carbon emissions, generate cost savings through reduced energy demand, and provide opportunities to engage store associates in Ann Taylor's sustainability efforts.

As part of the ACE program, the company will provide training to all store associates on how to reduce energy demand by implementing best practices in such areas as lighting, temperature control, and equipment use.

The ACE program is a key element of the Ann Taylor Green Initiative, a multi-year strategy aimed at minimizing Ann Taylor's environmental impact. As part of the Green Initiative, Ann Taylor is pursuing a number of programs to reduce energy use and waste, incorporate sustainable elements into products and stores, and promote environmental awareness for associates and clients.

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