Applebee’s rolls out customer tablets

Kansas City – Applebee’s will roll out 100,000 E la Carte Presto tablets, powered by Intel, on every table and multiple bar positions at more than 1,800 Applebee’s restaurants in the U.S. by the end of 2014. DineEquity, franchisor of Applebee’s and IHOP restaurants, will also consider the tablets, which enable guests to add to their orders, pay and play games from their seats, will also be considered for introduction at IHOP locations.

The Presto tablet features an all-day battery, an illuminated credit card reader, and a ruggedized design. It also features technology, including Bluetooth, cameras and NFC chips to transition to opportunities for mobile wallet and mobile phone interaction. In the pilot program, the Presto tablets not only significantly reduced transaction times for guests, but also provided them a better overall experience, based on their feedback, by simplifying the transaction process and allowing guests to control the timing.

Initially, the tablets will provide guests the ability to pay at their table, add additional drinks, desserts and other menu items to their order and a selection of games. During the next 18 months, enhanced functionality, such as video streaming, music, additional games, social media interaction with Applebee’s active Facebook community and personal pages, sharing, gift card sales and more, will be added.  

“Let’s face it, everyone who has ever been to a restaurant has been frustrated by waiting for their check,” said Applebee’s president Mike Archer.  “Starting out, our goal was to create a way for guests to control when and how they pay their check. What we learned after nearly two years of testing is we can provide much more. The Presto tablet will deliver our guests a robust slate of offerings for not only transactions, but entertainment, social interaction and more, moving forward.”

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