The industry’s first dual-function label providing integrated EAS-EPC functionality is available from Checkpoint Systems, Thoro-fare, N.J. With the new technology, both electronic article surveillance (EAS), which deters theft, and electronic product code (EPC) functionality, which provides inventory visibility, are integrated in a single, small tag. The dual-function labels can be used with existing Checkpoint RFID systems and will also work with any certified Gen 2 reader and antenna hardware. “Gen 2” is the EPCglobal standard that defines the physical and logical requirements for a passive RFID system operating in the 860 MHz to 960 MHz frequency range. Information on RFID standards is available at


RFID-based asset management, specifically for use with electronic cargo seals (e-Seals), has gotten easier and more affordable thanks to Savi Technology, Mountain View, Calif. Last month, Savi announced a licensing program for its intellectual property (IP) incorporated into ISO 18185, the new standard for electronic cargo seals (e-Seals) that addresses technical and application standards for non-reusable freight container seals. The IP technology ensures that a wide range of e-Seals from multiple vendors can communicate with multiple information networks to monitor and manage the location, security status and condition of cargo containers transported throughout the global supply chain. The Savi e-Seal licensing program is available at a reduced licensing fee through June 30.

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