Asda distribution deal major win for Polaroid brand

The Polaroid company may have went through its share of financial difficulties, but there is plenty of equity left in the brand name and Walmart’s Asda unit is looking to capitalize on it this month with a new line of consumer electronics.

Asda this week began offering an exclusive range of CE items including televisions, media players and audio equipment under the Polaroid brand.

“We’re extremely proud to be stocking this exciting new range of products from Polaroid,” said Michael Arnott, Asda’s technology expert. “It is a brand synonymous with high quality, instant entertainment and value and therefore a perfect fit for our customers.”

Polaroid is synonymous with the instant camera, but the company’s founder, Edwin H. Land, was quite the technology innovator. Sort of the Steve Jobs of his era.

Unfortunately, Polaroid never monetized its technological innovations the way Jobs did at Apple, and the company fell on hard times in the 90s and eventually filed for bankruptcy.

The Polaroid brand lived on though and after changing hands a few times the current ownership group, PLR IP Holdings, has sought to leverage a high degree of brand equity by apply the name to an expanded offer of technology items.


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