Baby got billboard thanks to Target

Not sure why parents of a newborn would want to share images of their child with throngs of people gathered in Times Square or motorists in Los Angeles, but in these celebrity-obsessed and digitally-enabled times a lot of behaviors defy logic.

Be that as it may, Target devised a novel brand-building campaign that allowed parent to essentially share images of their baby with a universe of complete strangers as opposed to the more discrete tradition of limiting viewings to family and a close knit group of friends.

To participate in the program, parents were encouraged to visit the Target Baby Facebook page and create a playful digital birth announcement that could be shared online. The company then randomly selected birth announcements for display in Times Square and on an LA billboard, which are running through this week.

“Technology plays an important role in how Target's guests share and receive information and our Target Baby Facebook page serves as an excellent resource for new and expectant parents,” said Will Setliff, VP marketing at Target. “We're excited to tap into our guests’ online behaviors to provide them with a fun, relevant way to celebrate the birth of their child, whether that’s with friends and family, on an oversized magnetic billboard in Los Angeles or in the heart of our nation’s biggest city.”


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