Bank & Olufsen unveils new store design

Bang & Olufsen launches next-generation retail concept in North America.

New York -- Bang & Olufsen unveiled its first newly redesigned store concept in North America, at the new Madison Avenue location in New York City. The 1,400-sq.-ft. store is designed to evoke a true sensory experience and demonstrate Bang & Olufsen's commitment to providing extraordinary consumer experiences.  

Other locations in New York City will adopt the new design, as well as a handful of additional locations across the United States next fiscal year.

A team of retail, brand and creative designers from Bang & Olufsen- is behind the store concept.

"The new store concept features a luxurious and welcoming atmosphere, and the interior has been designed to captivate curiosity as you move through the store," states Kathy Thornton-Bias, president of Bang & Olufsen America, Inc. "This store concept will provide the perfect platform to interact and engage in the Bang & Olufsen universe of magical experiences."

At the heart of the new retail concept is a dedicated speaker wall that showcases all of Bang & Olufsen's best-selling speakers. Customers can listen to any kind of music, and have their own playlist streamed from their smartphone. In a more private area, customers can immerse themselves in some of Bang & Olufsen's top-of-the-line viewing and listening combinations, viewing films on the latest flat-screen technology with surround sound.

The scalable retail concept has been designed for spaces from 540 ft. up to 2,200 sq. ft. and above, and will be implemented in select Bang & Olufsen locations in major cities around the world.

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