Beall’s improves POS performance and positions itself for future growth with SAP

Bradenton, Fla. -- Beall’s Inc. has replaced legacy point-of-sale software and hardware at 450 Beall’s Outlet and Burke’s Outlet stores with the latest version of  SAP’s POS application (POS 2.3 system).

By upgrading its POS technology, Beall’s has obtained benefits such as faster transaction processing, the ability to implement new marketing and CRM programs, and an intuitive graphical user interface that guides associates through transactions. SAP POS 2.3 also provides enhanced security for transactional data and meets global payment regulatory requirements.

“We feel that it is important to have a technology infrastructure that can carry us through the future,” said Dave Massey, senior VP and CIO, Beall’s, which operates more than 530 stores under several banners. “SAP POS allowed us to upgrade to a more effective system while supporting both EMV (global payment standard) and point-to-point encryption, a feature that provides exceptional security for sensitive customer data during the transaction process. In addition, SAP POS provides a number of new user exit and extension capabilities that allow Beall’s to expand the solution capability for our future needs.”

With all the attention leading-edge technologies like mobile, social and cloud have been receiving as paradigm-shifting retail solutions, basic tools like POS have often wound up getting overlooked. Yet for all the advantages retailers can obtain by touching consumers across new digital channels and virtualizing their IT infrastructures, at the end of the day being able to efficiently and securely process a customer transaction at the point of sale is still one of the most important tasks for a retailer to complete. By going back to basics, Beall’s is setting itself up for a productive future.


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