Bealls deploys new solution to grow e-commerce

EVERETT, Wash. — Bealls is looking to Fluke Networks to help it address network issues and monitor the performance of its applications in the wake of the retailer's growing e-commerce business.

Fluke's Visual TruView solution will give the retailer comprehensive visibility into all key systems and applications across more than 500 network locations, enabling immediate remediation of performance issues and minimizing the impact on its 13,000 employees, customers and sales.

Bealls was experiencing sporadic network outages and performance issues because of its growing e-commerce business and its more than 100 custom, in-store and corporate business applications. Without access to comprehensive real-time network data, the company's engineering teams couldn't quickly identify and isolate the problems, resulting in lost sales, employee frustration and customer dissatisfaction.  

"There are only two solutions I keep up and running at all times, and Visual TruView is one of them," said David Varnum, manager of network engineering at Bealls. "It gives me complete visibility into the application layer and, when problems emerge, I can identify the source and work to fix it before it has an impact on the business. It's our eyes and ears for the network, and it's made the engineering team shine."

Visual TruView is a troubleshooting solution that leverages key data sets such as stream-to-disk packet storage, application response time, transactional decode, NetFlow and SNMP to present performance analytics through a single visual dashboard. It eliminates the need for swivel chair correlations and gives the Bealls team the ability to quickly drill down into packet-level details.

"From the moment Visual TruView went live, we had instant visibility into pressing issues and were able to immediately fix problems and do application rollups," Varnum said. "The workflow is very logical and easy to use, and because it pulls all of the data sources we need, we can get as granular as needed to isolate an issue."

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