Bed, Bath & Beyond tries fitness bag on for size

SAN FRANCISCO — Bed, Bath & Beyond will test the fitness waters in April and offer Fitmark bags at select California locations to see how well the high-end travel bags fare with customers. 

Bed, Bath & Beyond customers can find the bags in an entirely new category for the store, aimed at fitness enthusiasts.

"We're extremely excited about this opportunity," says founder Fitmark Mark Samuel, who sees the overture from Bed, Bath, & Beyond as an opportunity to break into a new market. "We believe our brand represents the fitness enthusiast and the lifestyle. Our mission is to outfit every fitness enthusiast in the world with our bags."

Fitmark bags range from $75 to $169, and feature tailored compartments for laptop, shoes, water bottle, toiletries and cell phone. They are available in custom, hand-selected fabrics, colorways, leather accents, detailed stitching and ergonomic design. 

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