Beverly Center celebrates the Chinese New Year

Shoppers may shop, wish and win while welcoming the Year of the Horse.

The Year of the Horse arrives January 31, 2014, the first day of the Chinese New Year, which will run through February 18, 2015.

Beverly Center in Los Angeles plans to celebrate the Chinese New Year and promote the Year of the Horse from day one through the month of February.

The Chinese Zodiac follows cycles of 12 years, with each year named for an animal. This year is the Year of the Horse. It is said that people born in the Year of the Horse may be hardworking, independent, intelligent and fall in love easily.

The celebration at Beverly Center will begin in center court with a display that interprets the Wishing Tree. Shoppers may write down a wish for joy, luck and prosperity and place it on the Wishing Tree — which, according to legend, will make it come true.

The promotion includes a red envelope gift-with-purchase offer. In Asia, red envelope or hong bao gifts are gifts of money. Beverly Center patrons who bring same-day receipts of $500 or more from any Beverly Center retailer to Guest Services will receive red envelopes with gift cards.

One of the red envelope gifts will contain a Beverly Center shopping spree in the holder’s favorite store.

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