Bi-Lo installing energy-saving doors on open cases

New York -- Supermarket operator Bi-Lo has installed insulated glass doors to previously open Hussman cases in three Bi-Lo stores in Tennesse. The retro-fit doors, RemiSafe, are from Remis America, a joint venture between, DEHCO, Inc., Elkhart, Ind., and Remis GmbH of Cologne, Germany. 

“The doors help us achieve a number of things,” said Dennis Gibson, director of maintenance and energy services,” Bi-Lo, Mauldlin, S.C. “They give us more control over case temperatures allowing us to save on energy and  maintain product integrity. Not only that, our customers have made numerous positive comments about how much warmer and more comfortable our aisles are.”

Bi-Lo plans on installing the Remis doors in approximately 35 stores this year, with several more in Tennessee already scheduled.  The doors cut energy costs up to 80% while also greatly reducing retailers’ carbon footprint, according to Remis America.

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