A big data solution to deal with social media noise

The torrent of customer feedback unleashed by e-commerce and social media is a good thing, as long as companies are able to mine the data to identify problems and improve operations.

To help retailers and consumer packaged goods companies address that challenge Empathica, a customer experience management solutions provider, and Semantria, a provider of multi-lingual text analytics, have joined forces to offer new natural language processing capabilities.

With the help of Semantria, Empathica has integrated natural language processing (NLP) capabilities into its customer experience management solutions, allowing brands to analyze sentiment and frequency of unstructured text feedback alongside structured survey feedback. With all feedback on one platform, brands and location managers have access to a previously untapped source of actionable insights that can be used to deliver better customer experiences.

"With advanced text analytics software, our platform now enables brands to extract specific insights from customer comments such as social media recommendations, online reviews and call center transcriptions, and turn these insights into the direct actions that can positively influence the customer experience they deliver," said Simon Palmer, chief technology officer at Empathica. "We also made it our mandate to surface these powerful capabilities through simple to use applications tuned to the needs of the various users of our programs."

Semantria leverages the volume of knowledge from Wikipedia to automatically categorize text content without the required up front configuration required by other text analytics tools. For brands, this means instant access to the power of the world’s largest thesaurus, removing the need for the time consuming configuration and tuning of custom dictionaries and databases of terms and phrases. The Semantria platform additionally allows customized taxonomies of topics which can be overlaid on top of the standard terms.  Empathica has leveraged its extensive experience in key verticals to provide deeply specialized additions to the taxonomies to make an industry leading library of semantic meaning available to our clients.

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