Big Y to eliminate self-checkout

Springfield, Mass. -- Big Y Supermarkets plans to get rid of self-checkouts in all of its 61 stores by the end of 2011.

"After extensive research, Big Y has concluded that these self checkout lanes not only do not save their customers time but usually take them even more time to check out than customers in standard checkout lanes," the company said in a statement. “Self-checkout lines get clogged as the customers needed to wait for store staff to assist with problems with bar codes, coupons, payment problems and other issues that invariably arise with many transactions."

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- 7:25 AM says

I am happy to read that Big Y is brave enough to realize that technology is not always the best way to provide good customer service. Retailers often forget that human contact is an important part of the customer's experience in their stores. Often the cashier is the only store representative customers will interact with.

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