Black Friday tweets mostly positive or neutral

Los Angeles – A majority of the 348,235 tweets about Black Friday posted between Friday, Nov. 22 and Sunday, Nov. 24 were either positive or neutral in sentiment. According to analysis from social media research firm Fizziology, tweets about Black Sunday the weekend of Nov. 22-24 were 47% positive, 11% negative, 3% mixed and 39% neutral (from retailers/promotions).

More than half (52%) of the organic conversation (meaning non-promotional or news-related conversation) came from people who said they will participate in Black Friday shopping. Of those who tweeted they are going shopping on Black Friday, 21% are going for the sale, 15% for the social aspect, 11% for a specific product, 9 % for the fun of shopping and 6% for the madness.

Other findings include:

  • 26% of people who said they're going mentioned a shopping partner (66% will go with friends, 17% will go with a parent and 17% were still looking for someone to shop with).
  • 9% of people who said they're going have been saving money specifically for the special day.
  • Most popular products mentioned were video games, clothing, shoes and electronics (specifically cameras).
  • 9% of organic mentions came from people saying they won't participate.
  • 9% of organic mentions came from people calling the holiday immoral, mostly because they think it embodies greed a day after the holiday for giving thanks.
  • 7% of organic conversation came from people who think it's too crazy/crowded.
  • 4% of organic mentions complained about sales starting on Thanksgiving this year.
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