Blockbuster Launches In-Store Downloads

Dallas Blockbuster is preparing to pilot in-store kiosks that will allow customers to download movies onto their portable devices within two minutes. James Keyes, Blockbuster’s chairman and CEO, revealed the test at the company’s annual shareholder meeting Wednesday.

The kiosk, designed for the pilot version by NCR, allows shoppers to search and browse for downloadable films, watch trailers and buy or rent movies with a credit card or pre-loaded Blockbuster card. Over time, it will also allow them to subscribe to kiosk or other service usage.

While the company is still in negotiations with studios about content deals for the trial, the pilot will feature limited movies during the test. Keyes declined to reveal how many movies would be featured during the pilot.

Keyes reported that he envisioned a monthly subscription fee of $10. The service could also feature games in the future, he said. 

The trial will launch in a couple of Dallas-based stores.

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