Bluetooth toothbrush gains traction in U.K., hits U.S. in fall

A new toothbrush from Oral-B might make brushing less of a burden, and it's thanks to an app.

The SmartSeries 6000 electric toothbrush connects to the Oral-B smartphone app via Bluetooth to help user monitor and inform their brushing routines. The app can also be used as a remote for the toothbrush, programming it to work for a certain length of time or to focus on certain areas based on data that the toothbrush collects and syncs with the app.
“Oral-B has a long history of innovation in oral care and this is one of the most widely anticipated products in our more than 60 year history,” Procter &Gamble’s VP, Global Oral Care, Wayne Randall said. “The possibilities for improved oral health offered by data-based solutions and increased collaboration between patients and dental professionals are significant and exciting trends, and we’re proud to be the pioneer in the space.”
According to tests conducted by Oral-B, people using the SmartSeries 6000 managed to brush for the recommended two minutes or longer, and like other electric toothbrushes, it’s able to remove 100% more plaque than a manual toothbrush.

Beyond its Bluetooth connectivity to the Oral-B smartphone app the toothbrush features six different cleaning modes and a pressure sensor that slows down the brush head when users push too hard. While users brush their teeth, the smartphone app will display weather forecasts, news and National Geographic photos. The app is currently available for iOS devices and will be released for Android devices in the fall.
The SmartSeries 6000 currently retails in the U.K. for £229, which is about $389, though the actual retail price will be known in the fall, when Oral-B plans to start selling the toothbrush in the U.S.

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