Bonobos automates AWS infrastructure

New York – Online apparel retailer Bonobos is automating its Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure with the Opscode Hosted Chef solution. Using Hosted Chef and its Knife EC2 command-line plug-in for AWS, Bonobos' engineering team can now manage more than 150 cloud servers and ensure 100% uptime for its website operations. The retailer is automating processes including configuration management and application delivery, as well as responding to spikes in customer traffic and orchestrating application updates.

"Hosted Chef just works. It's more reliable, predictable, and powerful than any other automation platform I've worked with before," said Jeff Hart, senior director of engineering and systems infrastructure, Bonobos. "Plus, because it's hosted, I never have to worry about managing it myself. I just enter some code and whatever I need to do is done right, every time."


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