Braun celebrates 90 years

KRONBERG, Germany  -- Braun celebrated its 90-year company anniversary on Feb. 1. Founded by Max Braun in 1921, Braun today is a globally successful brand and the world market leader in the foil shaver, epilator and handblender segments, according to the company.

Artur and Erwin Braun assumed the leadership of the company after the death of their father, Max Braun, in 1951. From 1955 they presided over the development of Braun Design, which remains famous to this day, introducing product icons such as the "Snow White's Coffin" and the "sixtant." The protagonists who decisively shaped the unique Braun design were Dr. Fritz Eichler and Dieter Rams. Following its acquisition in 1967 by the Gillette Company of Boston, USA, Braun increasingly conquered the foreign market. Since October 2005, Braun has belonged to The Procter & Gamble Company, based in Cincinnati, USA, and is one of the consumer goods company's top-earning brands.

Braun sees itself as well-equipped for the future, as Braun Vice President Markus Strobel explains: "The basis of Braun's success lies in the consistent realization of our core equity values. In our product development we stress pioneering innovation, premium quality, and clear, distinctive design. The consumer and his needs are the starting point of all our efforts. They are our motivation in developing new technologies of high practical value and creating products that are of reliable, enduring quality right down to the smallest detail."



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