Brooks Brothers selects Fluid Inc. product customization platform

San Francisco -- Digital shopping solution-provider Fluid Inc. said Tuesday that it has been selected by Brooks Brothers to leverage Fluid Configure, its product customization platform, to offer its online shoppers custom-tailored shirts and suits.

Brooks Brothers will leverage the technology to create a personalized and engaging shopping experience that will enable customers to tailor product to their exact fit and style preferences.

“We are creating a more elevated and efficient environment on our website for our customizable product,” said Marko Bon, global director of user experience at Brooks Brothers.

The goal, said Bon, is to raise the bar in personalization, and develop the best possible experience for online shoppers. For example, Fluid will create more efficient methods for monogramming shirts and more engaging and intuitive ways of presenting shirt swatches to customers.

“The challenge will be striking a balance between our expansive library of fabric swatches while not overwhelming the interface,” added Bon.

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