Bulletin releases new dealfinder app

San Diego – Mobile messaging provider Bulletin has released DealSiftr, a mobile dealfinder app for iOS devices. With DealSiftr, users fill out a personal profile to tell the app exactly what they're looking for, and then DealSiftr will serve up the most relevant daily deals straight to the user's mobile device.

DealSiftr provides offers from Yelp, Restaurant.com, Amazon Local, and other location-based social networks. The app integrates with iPhone's GPS to sift through mobile coupons and only present local offers that fit the users’ personal profile. DealSiftr is now available as a free download worldwide in the iTunes App Store.

"We built DealSiftr because we were getting frustrated with the huge crop of coupon apps that just mindlessly spam users with daily deals,” said Michael Messner, spokesperson for Bulletin.”I don't want to have to wade through coupons for manicures and bumper repair when I'm looking for a coupon for Thai food."

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