Burger King wins Energy Efficiency Excellence Award

Miami Burger King Corp. was awarded the 2010 Energy Efficiency Excellence Award in the "Restaurant Chain" category by Southern California Gas Co. (SoCal Gas Co.).

The award recognized BKC as an industry leader for its innovation and commitment to develop energy-efficient kitchen equipment. Among the company’s innovations is the Duke Flexible Batch Broiler, which reduces energy costs.

“Our new revolutionary broiler not only reduces operational and energy costs but it expands cooking flexibility and facilitates a broader menu selection for our restaurants,” said John Reckert, senior VP, global operations research and development for BKC.

Eighty Burger King locations across Southern California have installed the energy-efficient broilers, which amounted to an estimated savings of $41,300 per year in natural gas costs. Additionally, gas consumption and related costs have been reduced by 52% compared with previous broilers, while the consumption and cost of electricity has been reduced by 90%.

All Burger King restaurants in North America have installed the new broiler and the broiler's rollout to international markets is expected to be completed over the course of 2012.

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