engages SLI Systems to implement site search

San Jose, Calif. -- SLI Systems said Wednesday that Cache has implemented its full-service Learning Search solution for, resulting in an 88% increase in the conversion rate among site search users.

The company, said SLI, has also seen a 42% increase in site search usage by its online visitors, driving more sales and revenues. is also using SLI's Rich Auto Complete tool, which automatically shows images of products and search term suggestions once visitors begin typing in keywords; and refinements that allow visitors to search by material, fit, occasion, and specific collections. replaced its previous Google-based site search.

"We're constantly competing with department stores and other online apparel retailers for the attention of fashion-conscious shoppers," said Kevin Metz , VP e-commerce, Cache. "By improving the customer experience with SLI's site search and all of its added features like Rich Auto Complete, our site is a bigger draw for apparel shoppers and helps us foster more customer loyalty, while also improving conversions."


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