Calvin Klein replaces racy images on billboard with high-tech QR code

New York City Calvin Klein Jeans is breaking new ground when it comes to billboards. The company, long known for its provocative ads, has replaced three billboards (two in Manhattan, one in Los Angeles) with what are essentially white canvasses. The words “Get It Uncensored” are emblazoned across the top in bright-red, and smack in the middle of the board is a QR code -- also in bright red -- that can be read by a smartphone.

Anyone who takes a photo of the code with the smartphone will be able to view a 40-scond commercial starring Calvin Klein models. The billboards are temporary and only expected to stay up a short time. After the spot plays, viewers can then share the code with their Facebook and Twitter networks.

The billboard marks the official premiere of Calvin Klein Jeans’s fall 2010 advertising campaign.

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