Canada Post and Thinkwrap collaborate on shipping data for Oracle Commerce

Ottawa, Canada – E-commerce solution provider Canada Post and and e-commerce integrator Thinkwrap Commerce have launched new collaboration designed to simplify and accelerate incorporation of Canada Post's shipping data into Oracle Commerce. By making it easier for retailers to incorporate Canada Post's data with Oracle Commerce, the collaboration between Thinkwrap and Canada Post is designed to help retailers strengthen their e-commerce customer experience by providing shoppers with choice and convenience.

Customer-centric features include increased options for shipping times, delivery locations and easy returns, as well as improved tracking. At the center of the collaboration is a pre-built and reusable accelerator, a plug-in type software developed by Thinkwrap for Oracle Commerce. The accelerator makes real-time incorporation with Canada Post's shipping data easier, without the need for additional customization. A more simplified process will enable and encourage more Canadian retailers to incorporate shipping data into their online stores.

"This new collaboration will allow Canada's biggest retailers to better meet their customers' online shopping expectations by providing them with the kind of options they want. Improving the end-to-end online shopping experience is key to making e-commerce in Canada stronger, and more competitive," said Rene Desmarais, senior VP, parcels, Canada Post.

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