Carnival Opens In-Store Dental Center

Coppell, Texas Carnival Food Stores announced Tuesday that it will open its first in-store dental clinic at its newly remodeled Plano, Texas store.

The clinic, which will be an All Smiles Dental and Orthodontics practice, will provide low-cost dental care. The dental center, which will be open during the week and on various weekends, is the first dental provider to open in a supermarket chain.

All Smiles operates 15 dental centers in North Texas, as well as two mobile dental clinics. To provide low-cost dental care to as many shoppers as possible, the mobile clinics will visit a Carnival store every week on a rotating basis.

“With All Smiles’ new clinic and its mobile units, both residents around our Plano store and shoppers at our other grocery stores will be able to receive low-cost dental care,” said Michael D. Byars, president and CEO for Carnival’s parent company, Minyard Food Stores, Inc.

The chain plans to begin this service as of April.

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