Carol Meyrowitz


Carol Meyrowitz President and CEO The TJX Cos., Inc. Framingham, Mass.

If there were an award for grace under pressure, Carol Meyrowitz, 53, president and CEO of The TJX Cos., would deserve it. The fact that the largest payment-card data breach to date occurred on her watch may always be a chapter in her memoirs, but it is not the whole story. What’s more telling is how Meyrowitz confronted the crisis, assumed control of security risks within her company, and encouraged cooperative action between banks, payment-card companies and merchants industrywide. How TJX continues to respond to security risks will have enormous impact, as CEOs around the nation watch and learn from Meyrowitz.

Meyrowitz’s leadership has sustained consumer confidence in her company. The chief executive also has reinvigorated TJX’s merchandise offerings with more fashion-forward goods, and tested designer departments. The results of her efforts, and her steadfastness, are seen in the chain’s performance. At a time when many retailers are struggling, TJX remains on the upswing.

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