In case you missed it

Connecting Northwest Arkansas earlier this month published the results of a survey of Walmart suppliers that revealed some interesting insights and this week spawned a few inaccurate headlines from various news organizations. The most notable was a headline on a Bloomberg story, which said Walmart suppliers lacked confidence in company CEO Mike Duke and that senior managers were explaining the company’s strategy. That’s a powerful statement and would be quite an indictment of the company’s chief executive and senior leadership team, if it were true.

Unfortunately for Bloomberg and other media properties who aggregate and comment on information produced by others, the Connecting Northwest Arkansas Supplier Survey contained no data that would support the vote of no confidence in Duke. However, rather than quibble with the misinterpretations of others and spend time attempting to clarify their distortions, you are encourage to check out the findings and judge for yourself what those surveyed think of Walmart. Simply click here or visit to download a copy of the report.


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