CBL’s digital mall marketing system

CBL has converted websites in 27 malls to a system designed to connect retailers and shoppers.

In partnership with PlaceWise Media, CBL & Associates Properties has launched websites with technology that connects retailers and customers at 27 of its malls.

The technology collects deals offered by retailers and puts them in front of shoppers via smartphones and tablets. It provides every retailer and restaurant in a mall with an online presence that enables each to engage local customers.

The websites integrate online, mobile and social media into a single platform and deliver a mix of retailer deals, promotions, fashion and lifestyle editorial content and featured products to shoppers — who can access that information on mobile devices to plan their shopping trips.

Malls, retailers, restaurants and local managers use PlaceWise tools to feature store brands and drive traffic to stores. Retail and restaurant brands use interactive features to provide content and messaging to shoppers and diners. Local store and restaurant managers can also interact directly with local customers.

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