Ceelite unveils Illumastrip LED product line

Villanova, Pa. -- Ceelite Technologies has introduced a new LED product line it calls Illumastrip, which serves as an alternative to LED tubes and fluorescent tubes for standard fixtures such as strips, vapor tights and troffers.

The new Illumstrip products can be installed in existing or new fixtures, and reduce energy by 50%-75% with an ROI of under three years, according to the company.

Typical Illumstrip retrofits include corridors, stairwells, back office and parkinggarages. The products come in standard or high-output options, three CCT choices and are available in various sizes for standard fixture lengths and widths.

“We’ve put a lot of effort in answering customer needs in key areas like heat management, fragility and ease of installation, all of which contribute to cost savings through lower energy usage and labor,” said Jerry Frazee president and COO of CeeLite Technologies.

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