Charles Sparks designs new format for Neiman Marcus

Westchester, Ill. -- Charles Sparks + Co. announced the debut of its design for the new Neiman Marcus store in Walnut Creek, Calif. The 85,000-sq.-ft., three-level location represents a fresh new vision of modern luxury in a smaller format store for the luxury department store retailer.

The greatest asset of Walnut Creek is its geographic setting. The rolling hills, small range of mountains that frame the city, its open spaces, shade trees that line many of the streets and downtown shopping district and luminous colors of its natural surroundings make Walnut Creek a unique place that the interior designer drew from as inspiration.

With a design inspired by the surrounding locale, the store is planned as a series of informal interlocking spaces with an occasional infusion of natural light that architecturally marries inside with outside in a way that very few retail formats achieve. The interior finishes and materials draw from the context of the region’s textures, northern California light and rich colors of the landscape. The materials palettes includes warmer, lighter tonality, the use of glass and metal screens that provide a sense of translucency and openness, and neutral zones for placement of fine art. The perimeters are often sculpted designs as a subtle reference to the natural surroundings but also to add uniqueness and energy in the spaces.

Sparks has partnered with Neiman Marcus for the past 12 years in the design of over 1.7 million sq. ft. of their luxury retail spaces.

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