Chelsea Handler & 7UP: forget resolutions, do what you want

Chelsea Handler has teamed up with 7UP Ten to challenge Americans to stop depriving themselves of the things they love in the new year.

The bestselling author and host of late-night TV show, “Chelsea Lately,” and the soda line are launching a series of videos that consumers can view and share with friends.

“Year after year, people make unrealistic resolutions and resolve to give up sweets, give up being a couch potato, give up being miserable at their job and resolve to find their one true soul mate. And believe me — that’s just my list. But these lists just go on and on. Frankly, I’m sick of it,” said Handler. “That’s why I love 7UP Ten. I really don’t have to give up anything.”

The 10-calorie soda line hit shelves nationally in 2013, and comes in five flavors: 7UP Ten, A&W Ten, Sunkist Ten soda, Canada Dry Ten and RC Ten.

The video series is hosted on the Ten website and are sharable on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The videos, which feature Handler, roast 10 popular and often-unsuccessful New Year’s resolutions, such as learning a new language, traveling more or going to the gym.

Handler’s image has been appearing alongside Ten flavors in national retailers throughout the country since last month, and the partnership will continue through March 31.

“Chelsea Handler is the perfect person to help 7UP Ten spread the message that consumers should give up nothing this year and make resolutions they can keep,” said Eric Blackwood, director of brand marketing at Dr Pepper Snapple Group. “With the line of Ten beverages, consumers can do what they want, drink what they want and still get the full flavor they love — with no guilt.”



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