Chinese Consumers Want to Buy American

New York City, Urban, middle-class consumers in China, or “Chuppies,” are interested in more American product choices, according to a new survey commissioned by UPS. High-quality personal care toiletries and consumer electronics led the list of most desired American products. Apparel and fashion accessories and music and videos were close behind. The items drawing the least interest: American cigarettes and liquor.

“These findings show the urban consumer market in China has a great potential for foreign, and especially American, exporters,” said Fei-Lang Wang, international affairs professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology. “It confirms there is a sizeable group of urban residents in China with considerable disposable income who are developing brand-name consciousness, becoming savvy consumers and acquiring a taste for foreign goods.”

UPS commissioned the survey of the rapidly growing Chinese urban middle-class following dramatic service and coverage area expansion in Asia.

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