Chipotle selects Incentives Advisors to maximize hiring credits

Tempe, Ariz. -- Incentives Advisors, which specializes in turning human resources departments into profit centers by identifying, administering and securing hiring-related government incentives, added Chipotle Mexican Grill to its customer roster. The company will deploy Incentives+ tax credit screening solution to make it easy to screen job candidates for over 100 federal, state, and local hiring credits.

Because IA is integrated into many of the largest talent management solution (TMS) providers in the marketplace, Chipotle will be able to seamlessly deploy IA's tax credit screening questionnaire within its TMS' online job application process.

"We like that candidates are screened for all applicable federal, state, and local hiring credit programs upfront during our online application process,” said Chipotle Mexican Grill's staffing manager, Dave McKlveen. “We'll also greatly reduce our paperwork we normally process with tax credit screening since human resources will print forms for eligible hires only, not every hire.”

Candidates complete IA's 30-second, dynamic questionnaire within Chipotle's online application, guaranteeing 100% of the job candidates applying on their corporate website will be presented with the screening questionnaire. Screening questions are based on how a candidate answers the questions, as well as the candidate's address and hiring location address. Recruiters can immediately view the tax credit eligibility results within the TMS before an interview or offer, along with a link to the pre-populated tax credit forms. Recruiters have eligible new hires sign the forms and submit them to IA, which manages the process from there.

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